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A few words from the book. 

If the majority of these synagogues are still places of worship, considered as real monuments, others have seen their buildings transformed and their functions changed. Going to meet these places nourished by memory reveals a wish, that of unveiling and transmitting the material and spiritual heritage left by the synagogues in Europe.


Some symbolize the most glorious Judaism, like in Rome or Paris. Others are almost forgotten, as in Romania or in Italian Piedmont. Their fate differs but all are celebrated by singular characters with extraordinary aspirations.

Like the Ner Tamid, the perpetual light, these remarkable beings are animated by the desire to maintain the flame of a culture and the fervor of a cult.


Community heart, central building and place of prayer, the synagogue embodies a plural role. Its location, its architecture, its ornaments and its congregation illuminate, reveal the richness of a community and bear witness to the destiny of the Jewish people.












Photos and Documentations

  David Abitbol  


Bérénice Foussard Nakache

Preface ​ 

Mr. Haïm Korsia, Chief Rabbi of France

12 European countries

France, Germany, Belgium, Holland England, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary,

Serbia, Romania.

52 Synagogues

Paris, Bordeaux, Mulhouse, Amsterdam, Brussels, Prague, Rome, Venice, Turin, London, Budapest, Bucharest, Lausanne, Augsburg, La Chaux de Fonds, Plzen, Oradea and many others .. on 204 pages.

Mantova- Aron.jpg

The Synagogue of Mantova - Italy

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