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A beautiful book of Art and History on the majestic and ancestral European synagogues. An exciting journey to the borders of Europe to keep the memory alive. Unique and unpublished photos of the architecture of 52 Synagogues from 12 European countries, accompany a text on the history of the Jews of each country as well as the history of the construction of each Synagogue. From the splendid Great Synagogue of Budapest to the exuberant Venetian synagogues, from the twins of London and Amsterdam to the Victoire de Paris, from shrines almost hidden in Italy to monuments with an exceptional aura, to those forgotten in Romania. It is the fascinating history of the Jewish people that can be read through these mansions. They bear witness to the richness and diversity of past and present Jewish communities, which have built a grandiose presence of Judaism in Europe. These photographs magnify the solemnity of these sanctuaries, emphasizing colors and light. The texts relate the living conditions of Jews, the choice of architects, materials, "little stories". All photos are the work of the author. The Preface is from the Chief Rabbi of France Mr. Haïm Korsia. Book Description: 31 x 31 cm 204 pages sur papier Mat 170g reliure cousue. Golden Pearl cover pages. The Cover: Wibalin (fabric). The cover photo is embedded in a bowl for a very elegant rendering, the texts (the title, name and author's note) are hot stamped in gold. Printed in France

The Synagogues of Exil

SKU: 978-2-9575212-0-3
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